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I came here to keep in touch with all my friends who left GR after the censorship debacle. I read a little of every genre. I co-blog at Musings of a Bibliomaniac.

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Sea of Poppies

Sea of Poppies - Amitav Ghosh 3.5I understand why this would be Booker nominated. Seriously, I do. Sea of Poppies is a great book; I just feel it wasn't the book for me. Some parts were absolutely memorable, some were not. What was great: The book features a multitude of characters - an eclectic mix of people from different backgrounds, religions, races, countries - and each has their own special place in the story.What was not-so-great: While I absolutely loved some of these characters, I couldn't care less about the others. Deeti's track was the standout. I didn't care much about Neel Rattan as a king, but his parts as a convict changed my mind. Zachary and Paulette were too predictable. And Baboo Nob Kissin was plain ludicrous.What was great: The book sweeps an immense landscape, whether on land, river or at sea.What was not-so-great: I'm not a fan of the jargon. Nearly everyone speaks in a mix of Hindustani and English, and there were so many words that I didn't understand. Deciphering the lingo was sometimes annoying.What was great: Without question, the star of the show is the Ibis. I loved how the ship connected everyone together, how it linked each of their stories with the others, how it bred some beautiful and dynamic relationships among all these seemingly disparate personas. Everything fit in seamlessly.What was not-so-great: Just when the story started to grow on me, the book ended. Just like that.Bottomline: I'm more impressed with the author than the book. The amount of research that's gone into writing Sea of Poppies is stunning, and I'm in awe of Amitav Ghosh. I would love to read some of his other works...The Calcutta Chromosome, maybe??