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I came here to keep in touch with all my friends who left GR after the censorship debacle. I read a little of every genre. I co-blog at Musings of a Bibliomaniac.

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Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater Here's a friendly warning to all Twilight-haters: Shiver can be extremely injurious to your mental health.It's an agonizing inter-species love story. Sam is a werewolf who loves to write crappy cringe-worthy songs when he's human. Grace is a human who nearly dies due to a wolf attack, but eventually falls for one. And they spend close to six years staring at each other across Grace's backyard.In comparison, Twilight seems much better. Yes it was a stupid story, but at least it was weirdly addictive. At least Bella fell in love with a creature who looked human. Grace, however, falls in love with an animal, a wolf. Creepy.I won't read Linger even if it's the last book left on earth. I've had enough.