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I came here to keep in touch with all my friends who left GR after the censorship debacle. I read a little of every genre. I co-blog at Musings of a Bibliomaniac.

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Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher Stolen is a beautiful book.And that’s not an adjective I expected to use, considering the book’s subject matter. I was expecting it to be disturbing, unsettling, dark...and it was all those things. But it was also beautiful.Achingly, hauntingly beautiful.What really struck me about this book was the subtle, but brilliant, use of metaphors. How descriptions of one thing could allude to something different and deeper. Take the landscape for instance – the Great Australian Desert. It’s dry, withering, endless, unrelenting...and the rich descriptions mirror the isolation, the loneliness, the utter hopelessness that Gemma must feel. Even the story of the two sisters among the stars, that Ty tells Gemma. Or the camel; I love how Gemma draws parallels between it and herself. (And the scene where Ty and Gemma leave the camel behind, and it moans and tries to follow them...it broke me. Makes me wonder, can animals get Stockholm Syndrome??)Yes, the book is slow. But I feel Stolen is a story that has to be slow. It’s not the kind of book that makes you desperately turn the pages to figure out what’s coming. Instead, it’s the kind of book that lingers. You read a few pages, then unknowingly stare out the window at the horizon, wondering, reflecting, over what you just read.And I LOVE books that do that.Also, when I try to picture this in my head, I see Ty and his blue eyes. I see the house, the outbuildings. I see the Separates, the camel pen. But I don’t see Gemma.Because when I picture this in my head, I am Gemma.I am the one who has to let Ty go.And it breaks my heart.“You did steal me. But you saved my life too. And somewhere in the middle, you showed me a place so different and beautiful, I can never get it out of my mind. And I can't get you out of there either. You're stuck in my brain like my own blood vessels.”