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Gone, Gone, Gone - Hannah Moskowitz Gone Gone Gone is one of those books that I really, really liked; yet, when I ask myself why, I can’t come up with any solid answers. It’s not as much a story as a character study of two adolescent gay boys in love, and there’s not a lot of action happening either. But something about this book just felt beautiful.This is the first time I’ve read anything with GLBT themes, so going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. A bit of awkwardness, maybe. I’ll admit that it took me a while to get used to the idea of two he’s and no she, but any awkwardness thereafter had nothing to do that fact. It was more like the jumpy falling-in-love kind of awkwardness that is typical to any budding romance – an adorable clumsiness. This is an unconventional love-story but it is a love-story, nonetheless, and I think Hannah Moskowitz nailed the notion of romance. The connection between Lio and Craig was so, so genuine...there were times when I was literally going “Aww..!”.I’m also very impressed with the writing. I won’t describe it as lyrical exactly, but it has this touch of spontaneity that makes it seem less like fabricated sentences and more like real, natural thoughts. Maybe that’s why the characterization is so spot-on.Allow me to explain: The POV’s constantly alternate between Lio and Craig, and so does the flow of the writing. I mean, after I read the first chapter in Craig’s POV, I knew exactly the kind of person that he was: obsessive, dramatic, hyper-active, talkative, a worry-wart with a tendency to freak out over tiny things. There was no need to explicitly describe him, because the writing implicitly conveyed everything that I needed to know.“And then we have that conversation neither of us wants to have, because neither of us wants to believe the things I’m saying or to think that they are important, and he has had such a long day and he looks like he’s about to fall asleep, and I probably look like I’m about to cry, and we both want each other, I know it, and here we are sitting around telling each other why we can’t have each other and all I want to do is be an each other for once.”See what I mean? And the same goes for Lio as well. His chapters have this sort of clipped, wary tone that at once makes you realise how scared, screwed-up and reticent he is.And I just love the wry humour. Overall, the tone of narration is very sad, but there are these sudden moments in between that are tragically funny. Every once in a while, I would catch myself chuckling, and would chastise myself for that, but it didn’t really matter because it felt right. I was choked up and smiling at the same time.So yeah, I really liked Gone Gone Gone. I have tried my best to explain why, but I’m not sure if it makes sense. Whatever.I’m so going to read the rest of Hannah Moskowitz’s books! :)