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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern 2.5I re-read this book recently, since everyone (but me) seems to be gushing about it, and I sincerely hoped that maybe things would seem better the second time around.It did not work. I’m still deeply conflicted.My favourite thing about The Night Circus was, without question, the Night Circus itself: Le Cirque des Reves. Everything about the circus was utterly, utterly original, and Erin Morgenstern brought it all to life spectacularly with her prose. The circus embodied magic, it breathed magic, it made me want to believe in magic.And then, two things happened, that put me off:1. The focus shifted to the love story between Marco and Celia.This book had many interesting, intriguing characters that I genuinely cared about, but Marco and Celia weren’t among them. They were just so... detached. Colorless. Bland. They made me feel nothing. Maybe that’s why the whole love-story seemed to fall flat on its face; no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t care about them.And I get that they are magicians and all, but do we seriously need the “shaking chandeliers” and ”the gasping” and “the air swirling in a tempest” every time they kiss or hold hands?? That’s so soap-opera-ish.2. The plot seemed to be going in circles and I was just confused.Okay, so the duel is underway and the contestants have fallen in love. Now what? It felt like the author herself wasn’t sure. The plot seemed to drag on, with nowhere to go. It was frustrating, like when you are waiting for something to happen and you have all this time on your hands but no idea what to do with it.The ending was even more confusing, but I liked what little of it I understood. It was vague and bizarre, but original.So here’s how I sum up The Night Circus:Erin Morgenstern had a brilliant concept and interesting ideas on how to start and end the story, but the path she forged leading from one to the other came agonisingly close to falling apart at times.Just not my kind of book.