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I came here to keep in touch with all my friends who left GR after the censorship debacle. I read a little of every genre. I co-blog at Musings of a Bibliomaniac.

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The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) - Rick Yancey I have successfully survived all 5 waves.The 1st Wave : Confusion (Not as good as I thought)The 2nd Wave : Hope (Maybe it gets better)The 3rd Wave : Boredom (zzzzz....)The 4th Wave : Disappointment (This is not getting any better)The 5th Wave : Annoyance (Just end already)Then why am I even giving it 2 stars?? Because my hatred for this book does not translate into this being a bad book. Some of the best reviewers on GR have loved The Fifth Wave and I totally respect their opinions. I guess this was simply not for me.I'll start with the thing that annoyed me the most: The WritingThis is probably a me-thing, but I found the writing extremely irritating. Not necessarily terrible, just...irritating. There were 2 aspects that especially got on my nerves.#1: Unnecessary details"This could be it,” Lizbeth whispered. She rubbed her nose nervously. Dug her lacquered nails into her dyed blond hair. Tapped her foot. Rolled the pad of her finger over her eyelid: She had just started wearing contacts and they bugged her constantly."Seriously?? Pray tell me, WHY are we talking about lacquered nails and contacts when there are bigger things to talk about?? like aliens?? And you know, this Lizbeth girl, she's not even there in the book. Her collective appearance spans 3 measly pages so I don't know what purpose that paragraph serves :-/#2: Unnecessary RepetitionI hate it when writers keep repeating words in a sentence, or clauses in a paragraph. It may work in poetry but otherwise, it's just plain annoying."So of course he did the most reasonable thing. He was a responsible adult, and that’s what responsible adults do. The reasonable thing.""The stars above, bright and cold, and the dark road below, and the humming of the wheels on the dark road beneath the cold stars.""There are the stars, the pinpricks of light stabbing down. There is the empty road beneath the light stabbing down and the girl on the road with the smudged face and twigs and dead leaves entangled in her short, curly hair, clutching a battered old teddy bear, on the empty road, beneath the stars stabbing down."Now the love-story - it was a massive fail. Stupid Cassie falls for Creepy Evan - and then things quickly turn into a retelling of The Host. I didn't find anything remotely romantic about the whole Evan thing. Okay, so he saved your life and nursed you back to health. But he also bathed you when you were passed out. How does that not creep you out, Cassie?? HOW??The writing makes sure that we're constantly reminded of Evan's chocolate-brown puppy-dog eyes and hands soft like clouds (barf).The final thing that made me lose it - the cliches.The alien apocalypse happens and the human race is nearly wiped out. There are hardly any families left BUT Cassie survives, and so does her brother and her father He dies later, but still. And of course, her high-school crush also survives - how else will you have a love triangle in the sequel?? I think Evan's making a comeback in book 2 So what if he never noticed Cassie before?? Now he can, since the competition is dead.You wanna know the saddest part??This was my first book about aliens.And there weren't any aliens.At least not the kind I was looking forward too :(There was some action towards the end but I was way past the point of caring by then.Verdict: MASSIVE LETDOWN.I need some uplifting chocolate therapy.(I do not intend to offend anyone with this review.)