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Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman

Dear Book,


Why did you get over so soon?? Why did you get over at all?? :(


I could have spent many more hours exploring those underground tunnels in the company of those wonderful people, and reveling in the amazing things that some of them - especially marquis de Carabas - had to say.


I could have spent many more days reading and re-reading those delightfully formed sentences, laughing at the intelligent absurdity of it even when not-so-scary villains were doing not-so-pretty things.


I could have spent many more rainy Sundays cooped up in my room and dreaming about rat-speakers and angels, midnight markets and doors, the London Above and the London Below.


But no matter how much I tried to prolong it (and trust me, I did), the inevitable happened.I made it past the last page.


And I miss you. So very much :'(


Why are you a standalone, book? Why don't you have a sequel?


I loved you before I even started - maybe the words 'Neil Gaiman' on your cover had something to do with that?? Three chapters later and I was unimpressed with your protagonist. Richard Mayhew was such a... such a... damsel in distress - except he wasn't a damsel (Come to think of it, what is the opposite of damsel???) Anyway, I mentally pegged you as a 4-star then but somewhere in those dank tunnels, you charmed me, book. You made me fall in love with you. You won me over with your ready wit and imagination and your lovely, lovely sense of humor.


Thank you for coming into my life even if it was for a brief while. Thank you for taking me to that wonderful world. Maybe I'll fall through the cracks and go there someday. Or maybe I'll just revisit it in my dreams - safer that way.


Love you. Miss you.


Your slightly insane reader,




P.s. Please tell Neil Gaiman to never, ever stop writing.