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I came here to keep in touch with all my friends who left GR after the censorship debacle. I read a little of every genre. I co-blog at Musings of a Bibliomaniac.

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Requiem - I was sufficiently warned about the lame open-to-interpretation ending of Requiem but that does not mean I’m any less disappointed.I wouldn’t call it disappointment really. It’s more like a sort of bewilderment – that frustrating inability to tell if I love it or hate it. It’s one of those endings that ask the reader to take things on faith. You must believe that when Lena jumps, she’ll fly and not fall. And I like the idea of it. There’s something very subtly beautiful about the whole thing.But you see, I REALLY, REALLY WANTED TO KNOW.I want to know where they go from here. Lena, Julian, Alex, Hana...everyone. What happens to the Cureds? The other cities? The DFA? The Crypts? Did Raven really....? And Annabel? Where did Jenny go??There are so many things I want to know...and I just read the last book in the series.Not fair.On the plus side....Requiem is beautifully written, like most of Lauren Oliver’s books are. I was apprehensive about the love triangle but it wasn’t so bad. The change in POV worked brilliantly well. Hana’s chapters were a revelation. I went from hating her to feeling sorry for her, and finally rooting for her. I had imagined Lena and Hana’s paths crossing many times in my mind, but the way it worked out in the book was better and perfectly executed.Overall, there’s nothing really wrong with Requiem as a book. It’s just too inconclusive to be much of a conclusion.