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Gone Girl: A Novel

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Actual Rating: 4.5I'm not a fan of crime-mysteries. Not the usual ones anyway. They tend to get predictable after a point. Something happens, you have a list of suspects, and the rest involves figuring out who's the culprit. And once the big reveal comes, it's over; there's nothing else to keep you hooked for the last twenty-or-so pages.So you can understand how apprehensive I was when I started with Gone Girl. I didn't expect it to be all that different.I was wrong. SO. WRONG.Gone Girl is anything but predictable. There's a crime scene, but you don't know what the crime is; still, you know exactly whom to suspect. And by the time you realize what's really happening, you just can't decide who's the victim and who's guilty.The books starts off on a deceptively ordinary note: Amy Dunne goes missing on her fifth wedding anniversary; the living room shows signs of a struggle; husband Nick doesn't seem as concerned as he should. But as the pages go by, the story goes from being a criminal investigation to a full-blown psychological roller-coaster, against the backdrop of a seriously fucked-up marriage between two seriously fucked-up people.But you know what really blew me away? The love story of Amy and Nick Dunne. It might be dangerously messed up, chilling and creepy, but they really do belong together. Two toxic individuals who are the best they can be, only when they are with each other."Nick and I fit together. I am a little too much, and he is a little too little. I am a thornbush, bristling from the overattention of my parents, and he is a man of a million little fatherly stab wounds, and my thorns fit perfectly into them."Talk about romance gone creepy. This book is like some twisted, psycho form of Inception: You think you've understood it all, but you haven't, and just when you think the story's finally drawing to a close, something springs out of the blue and catches you off-guard. And while a few things may seem too far-fetched, it doesn't change the fact that the story is super-creepy. And super-bizarre. And super-awesome.Really, Gone Girl was a surprisingly gripping read. I really must check out the rest of Gillian Flynn's books.