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Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert

I haven’t seen the movie. But it’s got to be better than the book. I mean, at least there’s Julia Roberts and she is eminently watchable.


Eat Pray Love is a metaphor for women empowerment. Or that’s what 30-plus women who have read this memoir have to say. But I’m nowhere close to 30. In my opinion, the book was too bland. It is pretty amazing that a divorced, depressed woman, facing a mid-life crisis, undertakes this epic journey of rediscovery, and I genuinely feel happy for Ms. Gilbert, but reading the author’s first-hand account was just too tedious.


We start in Italy, where the writer explores food. Her strategy is simple enough – find out the best pizza and pasta joints in each city. I actually loved this part, maybe because it combined 2 of my favorite things – Travel and Food. But this is where the good stuff ended for me.


We then come to India, where Liz explores spirituality. There are detailed explanations on the science of yoga, the art of meditation, enlightenment, shaktis, mantras...YAWN. I think I skipped some parts, or maybe I fell asleep. Not sure. All I know is: It was boring.


I finally woke up when Liz reached Bali. Romance in Indonesia should be fun, right? Except, it was not. The love part was worse than her spiritual detour in India. Half of the things didn’t make sense; what made sense killed my leftover interest.


Did I mention how tiresome the book was? It seemed to go on and on and on...


Moral: Middle-aged woman reclaiming her life as she travels across the world does not make for interesting reading, unless you are a middle-aged woman yourself, trying to reclaim your own life.


Better give this one a miss.